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Возможно, это реальный прорыв 3D печати в промышленное производство

Тошиба аннонсировала новую технологию, которая, по их утверждениям, позволит печать металлические изделия в 10 раз быстрее, чем существующие аналоги.


The new prototype will be showcased at Monozukuri Matching Japan 2015, taking place in Tokyo December 2-4. The printer, which utilizes laser metal deposition technology, can work with a variety of metals including iron, stainless steel and Inconel, and its key selling point, its speed, was achieved thanks to Toshiba’s knowledge of fluid simulation technology. The corporation developed a nozzle that reduces the area to which the metal particles are deposited, allowing for the laser beam to precisely focus in on the tiny area of deposition. According to Toshiba’s internal testing, the printer can achieve a fabrication speed of 100cc per hour with an 800-watt laser. It’s also capable of building larger structures at a lower cost than currently available methods.
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