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Новости с подписочных фронтов. Июнь 2018.

Как продолжение Новости с подписочных фронтов.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Интересная статья на Forbes, о буме в подписочной индустрии:

“This is in response to a continued shift in (consumers’) buying habits,” Paul Chambers, cofounder of the one-year-old trade group Subscription Trade Association (yes, there’s now even a trade association, with 500-plus members), said in an interview. “Convenience is a big factor. We are seeing companies continue to find new ways to offer that.”

Слова про фактор удобства - в рамочку и на стену.

А вот интересные рассуждения про автоподписку с точки зрения ремонта авто..., и кстати, многие мысли тут уже озвучивались...


When thinking about the future role of MRO in automotive, vehicle subscription services become an important marker for where the industry is headed.
In this new model, OEMs gain control over the entire vehicle lifecycle from design to sales and service networks.
In turn, traditional dealerships may be relegated to showrooms as extensions of the OEM or completely absorbed altogether.
As this network takes shape, OEMs will need to extend their systems and vehicle configuration knowledge to the point of service to optimize vehicle maintenance. The knowledge they will gain about this lifecycle by first offering subscription services will be a prerequisite for managing autonomous fleets in the future.


Все совершенно очевидно и лежит на поверхности...
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