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Нефтекульбиты. Update от BHP.

В дополнение к недавнему посту, если кому интересно.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Mining major BHP Billiton estimates that some 30-million barrels a day of new oil supply will be needed by 2025 to meet global demand.

BHP president for petroleum operations Steve Pastor said in Texas, this week, that, based on expectations of near 1% a year growth in global demand, and a 3% to 4% a year decline in natural field, the world would need nearly one-third of its current global demand in new supply.
“Oil shale plays a part in filling the gap, but it's not enough,” he added.


Смягчить ситуацию, возможно, поможет ускоряющаяся электромобилизация.
В этом и следущем году выходит штук десять разных моделей EV с увеличенным пробегом.
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